The name "Inn Port" is a play on words, centered around 2 passions in the lives of the owners. Both Leslie and Jeff have a love for cruising. As Leslie says, "When other kids were making road trips every year to the Grand Canyon and Disney World with their parents, we were saving up to go on a cruise every other year." By the time of their honeymoon, Leslie had already been on 6 cruises. Never having cruised, Jeff wasn’t convinced about the cruise thing, though he had worked on a boat for the Jet Express company in Port Clinton, Ohio for several summers during college. He booked their honeymoon aboard Royal Caribbean’s Majesty of the Seas, and by the end of the first full day, he was hooked. Since then, they have been on 6 more cruises and are always looking to take another. You can’t have a cruise without the ship pulling "in port," so it seemed only natural that they take this as their name for their own lodging establishment, naming the rooms after different ports of call.

The second reference in the name may be a little more subtle. On that first cruise together, they attended a wine tasting. That began a 6 year and counting fascination with the world of wine and wine-making, be it "port", cabernet or chenin blanc. You’ll note that the dining area of the main house reflects this theme.