The Inn Port Story

Dayton, OH

The Inn Port Story

Jeff and Leslie Gonya lived in the quiet, residential Dayton neighborhood of Patterson Park for 5 years. They loved to travel, and when they did, they always looked for a bed and breakfast or inn rather than a hotel to fill their need for lodging. From this came their dream to open a bed and breakfast, someday.

Then they decided, why can’t someday be today!

So they went house shopping for their future bed and breakfast, and they found the perfect house, so they put their house on the market in the hopes of buying their “future bed and breakfast,” a huge, pink house (which Jeff vowed to re-paint as soon as they bought it) located on Main Street in the quiet community of Tipp City*, just north of Dayton.

*Please notice that Inn Port has never been pink, and is not in Tipp City.

Upon receiving a bid from a buyer, the Gonyas put in a bid on the “big pink house,” only to find out that it had gone under contract with another buyer just 2 days before. It was the moment of truth—was it meant to be or just a nice dream that would have to wait for “someday.” With the help of their trusty realtor Guy, they started searching for the perfect house yet again, and they found it—in the heart of the Oregon District. Though they were fascinated by many aspects of the house, being graduates of the University of Dayton and both being of German heritage, the triple “keg-erator” that resided in the dining room of the property was, perhaps, the deal-maker when it came to the decision to purchase the property. (Said kegerator has since been sold to the Ace’s Club in east Dayton and was replaced by a quieter one-keg capacity cousin).

The duplex became the foundation of Inn Port, and was operated as Inn Port Guesthouse from 2003-2019. In 2006 they purchased a property down the street at 22 Brown Street that is currently home to the 3 lodging units of Inn Port D’Vino, as well as their small wine bar and retail shop Deaf Monty’s Wine.